UT is now home to a 2,400-pound, 24-foot-long bronze skeleton of a dinosaur native to the area.

The Edmontosaurus annectens was installed Friday outside the front entrance of the McClung Museum as part of the museum's 50th anniversary celebration.

The museum says the Edmontosaurus once roamed the coastal plains of Tennessee, and the museum displays some actual bones in a permanent exhibit.

Museum Director Jefferson Chapman says he hopes the statue will bring attention to the museum's selection of exhibits.

"The dinosaur will be both an educational centerpiece and a symbol of the immense time depth of life on this planet," said Chapman.

The museum says the Edmontosaurus lived about 66 to 65 million years ago and was a large plant-eating dinosaur that weighed approximately 7,000 to 8,000 pounds.

The skeleton was cast in Colorado before traveling more than 1,300 miles in a flatbed trailer to UT.

There will be a dinosaur naming contest. The public can submit name suggestions online until November 8 at http://mcclungmuseum.utk.edu/dinosaur-naming-contest.ID=3184763