There are a lot of signs on Central Street, but a new one is giving neighbors concern.

"To lose that in Knoxville would be a travesty in my opinion,” said one Happy Holler neighbor.

Resident and business owners met at a community forum Wednesday night with the goal of stopping the plan to build a new Dollar General.

They say it's a jab to local businesses they've worked to support.

"When you tear down something that's 80 years old you're robbing two generations,” said one resident.

"Do they truly think there's enough customer base to support another Dollar General?” asked another.

A quick Google search shows there's 16 in the city of Knoxville, and two just blocks away from Central Street.

At the meeting, the real estate company in the middle of the deal said they’re not trying to hurt the neighborhood.

"We feel like we're a local company building for a Tennessee company, even though they're a big company at this point,” said Jason Brown with Schaad Brown Real Estate Brokerage.

This isn't the first time the Knoxville community has fought to keep Scruffy City local.

Two years ago more than 8,000 people signed a petition to make sure Walmart didn't buy the historic Howard house in North Knox.

Neighbors say it's all about quality.

The next step is showing just how much they care so developers will see the value of the neighborhood.

"Developers who are going to come in and do really good work and develop this place the way a major corridor should be developed,” said Arthur Carmichael.

A Dollar General Spokesman said they are currently doing their due diligence phase for the new store. They have not committed to an opening.

A final decision is expected to be made early next year.