(WBIR) Several Campbell County boat docks have collapsed after a line of winter weather moved through the area.

At Springs Dock Resort and Twin Cove Resort and Marina, some boats sat above water while others were underneath the surface, crushed by ice and snow.

The Campbell County Mayor said the snow and ice hit a number of marinas hard.

"We're just trying to asses what's happening in our community and make sure our citizen owners know we're here for them as much as we can be," Mayor E.L. Morton said. He also believes the damage could inflict pain on the county's economy.

"There's a $50 million tourism economy we rely on and we're growing – last year we showed a 6% growth in tourism receipts and we're looking to grow that, but this is going to be a setback," he said.

For Spring Docks Resort, this isn't the first time they've seen damage done to a large number of boats. Back in 2012, 58 boats and slips were destroyed in a blaze.

Volunteer Times reporter Patrick Pebley captured pictures of the damage Saturday.

The pictures from Twin Cove showed several boats covered in debris and snow. Another picture showed covered boat docks that appeared to be flattened.

The property owner told 10News its looking like there's $750,000 in damages at Twin Cove, but he's just glad no one was hurt.

The owners plan to get insurance adjusters to visit the marinas on Monday to work toward starting up the rebuilding process.