A month after the Nov. 28 fire disaster, construction is just getting started along Wiley Oakley Drive.

People are actively helping others with the rebuilding process, including Pete and Joy Jucker, who WBIR 10News has reported about in recent weeks.

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On their property off Wiley Oakley, there isn't much left. But one thing stands out.

"The American flag is the first thing I put back up once I found my melted flag pole, the top half of it," Pete Jucker said.

To Jucker, "it brings back hope to see the flags flying."

Another flag that stands strong is one Pete and his wife, Joy, designed. It's a "symbol of hope."

The flag says "Heal and rebuild at the heart of the fire" - and that's something the couple has been doing for the past month.

"It's been pretty fantastic. We've had a couple dozen families we helped on Christmas," he said.

Pete and Joy started the Heal and Rebuild Project, an effort that helps families get back on their feet.

The memories of what happened a month ago are vivid, especially for Joy

"It's constantly there," she said. "Especially if I see an orange glowing light ... I had a picture of the sunset the other day that brought a lot of it back because it looked like the flames roaring up behind us. Yeah, it's fresh."

But they aren't letting the day-to-day emotions discourage them. They have a plan.

They want to rebuild as quickly as possible.

Pete and Joy want to start fresh as soon as possible.

Seeing that others want to do the same brings smiles to their faces

"Today, just driving through Chalet Village, there's bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, lots of rebuilding going on, and on a sunny day like today you can't help but be positive and have lots of hope that our communities are going to rebuild and be better," said Joy.