Despite petitions and protests against the loss of the Lady Vols name for all but women's basketball at UT, it appears that decision will not be revisited.

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In November, the university announced that all UT athletic programs, both men's and women's, would be branded with the Power T and simply called Volunteers. The women's basketball program was an exception, because of Pat Summitt's legacy.

But that decision didn't set well with many former Lady Vols athletes and their fans.

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Some former athletes have reached out to state lawmakers for help. Others have asked UT's Board of Trustees to get involved. A was created to garner support for a reversal of the decision. And thousands have signed a petition asking the administration to bring back the Lady Vols.

Now a letter, written from Joseph DiPietro, President of the UT system, to the Board of Directors, could be the university's final word on the issue.

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DiPietro affirmed the reasoning behind the change in branding, to bring the merged men's and women's athletic department under the "One Tennessee" banner, to "create greater unity and brand consistency among the athletic programs while maximizing broad affinity for the Power T brand across the campus as a whole."

He told the board that the rebranding is not a matter for discussion, decision, or action, and advised board members to direct any media inquiries to his office.

DiPietro talked about the decision on Inside Tennessee a few weeks ago. Hear what he had to say about why he supported the decision and the process. (Fast forward to about the 5:57 mark):