We've all heard a dozens stories about what a great guy former Vol and NFL legend Peyton Manning is. Here's a new one.

Butch Hannah was an football referee for three decades, in both the SEC and the NFL. The Chattanooga native recently retired, and in an interview with the Chattanooga Times Free Press, recounted a great story about the former quarterback.

Hannah said he was officiating a game between the Broncos and Dolphins in Peyton's next-to-last season. It had been a tough game for Peyton, and late in the game, Hannah made a call Peyton didn't like.

"But late in the game, the clock about to run out, Peyton mistimed a snap and they had to run one more play. Peyton said something off-color to me, which was not at all like him," he told the paper."I told him, 'Peyton, you're better than that.'"

A few weeks later, Hannah received a letter of apology from Peyton

"That's the only time that's happened to me in all my years of officiating," he said.

Then, during a pre-season Broncos game, Peyton came up to Hannah and put an arm around his shoulder.

"He asks me, 'Did you get my card?' I said, 'Peyton, you've got to let this go.' He says, 'You have no idea how upset I was with myself.'

You can read the entire article here.