Tim Tebow and the SEC Nation crew is in Knoxville for the Tennessee-Georgia game. Tebow gave his advice on motivating the Vols to rise to the occasion Saturday:

"I think one of the most important thing any team can have to strive to win a championship is an edge, something that sets you apart, something that makes you different so you're not just like every other team that has been here, you're not like every other team that you play against. For different teams that I was on, it was our belief in one another or our chemistry or our love for one another. Find something that gives you an edge and I think Tennessee is searching for that edge right now, I don't think they know what that is. Sometimes it doesn't necessarily happen always on purpose, sometimes it can randomly happen."

"I think getting inspired for this game, listen, you're playing a rival, you're at home, there's a state that's cheering for you and depending on you to get it done and they've been depending on you to win games for a while and it hasn't necessarily happened so it's a chance to show people that you're for real so if you can't get fired up from that, you have to rethink some things."