Knoxville's April showers shut down the Dogwood Arts Featured Gardens event. Now it's been rescheduled for this weekend and next weekend.

The owners of the private gardens are opening their magnificent gardens to share with the public. Each one is unique in design and offers a variety of plant materials and special features.

The event is free though a $5 donation on-site is suggested.

June 3 and 4, you can visit GATOP garden, a beautiful 10 acre garden in East Knoxville off Riverside Drive. This is an amazing property which is archived with the Smithsonian Institute and features an extensive sculpture collection.

2705 Riverside Drive, Knoxville 37914

Fountain City's Savage Garden will be open the next weekend, June 10 and 11. Savage Garden is quirky and eclectic, combining multiple themes. Although the main arbors and pagoda reflect a Japanese influence, the latter is topped with a "Dutch Girl" weather vane and there are two "Irish" water towers. Savage Garden is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.