The City of Knoxville's second Neighborhoods to Nature walk will take citizens along local greenways to Beardsley Farm for food, music and games on Monday, Oct. 24.

The walk will begin at four different starting points at 5:30 p.m. and end at Beardsley Farm in Malcolm-Martin Park 20-30 minutes later.

Mayor Madeline Rogero and other City officials will walk with residents from Mechanicsville, Old Mechanicsville, Beaumont, Western Heights, West View, Ridgebrook Apartments and other interested members of the public.


Danny Mayfield Park, 700 College St.

Beaumont Elementary, 1211 Beaumont Ave.

West View Elementary, 1714 Mingle Ave.

*Ridgebrook Apartments, Complex Entrance (Ridgebrook Lane & Western Avenue)*

*This group will be picked up at 5:40 p.m. by West View walking group

At Beardsley Farm, participants can listen to music from DJ "Sterl the Pearl," tour the farm, eat food from local food trucks and play games.

Police will be present to escort groups back to the meeting points.

This is the second Neighborhoods to Nature walk, meant to encourage citizens to discover parks and greenways and promote physical activity. More than 200 participants and 30 City officials attended the first walk at Ashley Nicole Dream Playground in Caswell Park.

For more information call 311 or visit the Neighborhoods to Nature website here.