Technology is everywhere. It affects the way we work, the way we communicate and now the way we tailgate. Verizon let us test out some products designed to enhance our tailgating experience. A few of the products that stood out were the iGrill, Belkin@TV and an assortment of useful apps.

"The days of wondering if your meat is done or at the perfect temperature are over. iGrill sends a text message or alert to your smartphone or tablet to let it know whatever temperature you set for it to be done, it will let you know when it is done. You can focus your energy and continue to have fun with your friends and family while your meat is being cooked and not over cooked."

It's good to have a TV on hand to keep up with the latest football scores and developments, but not everyone has a satellite dish. "Belkin @ TV is probably one of the best wireless solutions that we have. If you have a digital cable provider or satellite provider, you'll be able to take your TV from your house in a sense and display it on your smartphone, tablet or even your PC."

The Tailgater app essentially acts as a beacon for your tailgate. It allows you to send your location to friends and family and explore other tailgaters you may have access to and if you've ever been to an away game and forgotten where you parked, you may want to use the Find My Car app."You park your car, you launch the app, you press the park button, it immediately finds your GPS location using Google navigation and you walk away. As soon as you're ready to return to your car you launch the app, you hit find my car and leads you right back to your car."

Technology: helping fans focus more on the game and having a great tailgate.