Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Wednesday morning appearance on the TODAY Show is trending because of his back-and-forth with anchor Kathie Lee.

10News reporter Daniel Sechtin and his mom Nancy also appeared during the segment where host Hoda Kotb quizzed the show’s audience members about science facts.

The segment was to preview Earth Day on Saturday. Sechtin and his mom were in New York on Wednesday to celebrate her birthday.

Sechtin and his mom had to answer the following question:

When you drop this item in to a glass of freshly poured champagne, it will bounce up and down continuously…is it:

A.      A raisin

B.      A peanut

C.      A carrot

Sechtin and his mom incorrectly guessed a peanut, but the answer was a raisin.

The two still won a copy of Kotb’s signed book “Where We Belong”