Since the first time Chris Blue walked on The Voice stage, he believes each step was part of God's plan.

“I prayed God you allowed me to go on whatever day and whatever time slot,” said Blue.

When Coach Alicia Keys’ chair turned, he feels it was meant to be.

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"I said I truly believe it was destined for us to work together,” said Blue.

There was only one more spot to fill for the entire season and Keys was looking for something in particular.

"I was looking for a male voice. Something a little blues-y and soulful, and BOOM!” Keys explained to Blue after his blind audition.

Chris Blue and Alicia Keys prepare for his next performance. Courtesy The Voice

"I didn't have a choice, but Alicia did. I’m glad she had that voice that whispered in her ear ‘he's the one’,” Blue described.

Ever since, the Grammy-award winning artist and Blue have worked closely.

"He is so spectacular and so special. A very special artist. He has the voice, the personality, the will power, the state of mind. The desire,” said Keys.

"It's been incredible, been amazing to sit under her wisdom and learn from all she has experienced in the musical industry," said Blue.

Alicia Keys gushes on Chris Blue's talent.

Each week, she encourages Chris and helps him explore different sides of his talent.

"I think what it is really about for him is to evolve as an artist before people's eyes so they can see the diversity he has,” said Keys.

There's no doubt in her mind Chris could win it all, if he has the support on his back.

"If Knoxville really votes for Chris and his hometown is behind him. There’s no stopping him.” Said Keys.

"My prayer is we can finish this journey. I’m praying for the storybook ending,” said Blue.