Knoxville singer Chris Blue has the moves, and he's got The Voice, and even the style.

"I get phenomenal help from my wardrobe department here,” Blue explained during some off time at 'The Voice' set at Universal Studios.

"This is The Voice wardrobe department. This is where the magic happens,” said stylist Joleen Garnett as she gave WBIR a tour.

Garnett helps Chris and other contestants get suited up and ready for primetime.

Each artist has their own rack with styles they have already worn or will wear.

“We dress the contestants, we do fittings, changes," explained Garnett.

Hundreds of outfits are housed in The Voice wardrobe department including Blue's dapper details.

"We have shoes, bow ties, socks,” said Garnett.

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When it comes to a new performance, Blue and Garnett work together to shape his look.

"I just kind of tell them how I’m feeling and we come together and talk about it, and they go shopping which is pretty cool and they come back with some dope stuff! said Blue.

Chris Blue bow ties. 

“Part of it's based on creative, what we want for the show, the lighting, the song they are singing, then I mix that with their personality," said Garnett.

This week, they had a "golden opportunity” as a theme presented itself.

"He said he needed something to move around in and be on stage. Normally he wears Oxfords, but this week we went with Prada sneakers and they are gold!"

When he’s dressed and pressed, Garnett sends him off with a smile.

One of the wardrobe rooms for The Voice.

"My biggest thing is I want Chris to feel comfortable and confident and love his look and he will give his best performance,” said Garnett.