Knoxville singer Chris Blue has consistently wowed the judges each week on The Voice, but one thing he just couldn't seem to do was crack the Top 10 when it came to iTunes...until this week.

Following Monday night's semi-final performances, Blue got not one, but two songs right at the top of the iTunes singles charts.

As of noon on Tuesday, when voting officially closed, his powerful and moving rendition of 'Take Me to the King' was number 2 in the standings and his duet with teammate Vanessa Ferguson was sixth.

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Now because Blue's songs were in the top ten of the iTunes "Top 200 Singles Chart," he'll receive an "iTunes Bonus," which multiplies those iTunes downloads by five.

Initially it was unclear whether he would get the bonus for both songs or just one, but officials on The Voice set confirmed to WBIR before Tuesday's results show that Chris would get the bonus for both.

Meanwhile, fellow 'Voice' artist Lauren Duski snagged the number one overall spot on iTunes this week. Aliyah Moulden got enough downloads for seventh and Hunter Plake landed in the tenth spot on the charts. All three are set to also receive the "iTunes Bonus."