Distance hasn't stopped Chris Blue's family from supporting their littlest brother's journey on season 12 of The Voice.

Each week, they've screamed and shouted his name as Blue advanced in the singing competition. But the finale meant it was time for everyone to cheer him on in person.

More than 15 members of Blue's family traveled to Los Angeles to watch Blue in the Top 4.

“No mountain is too high, no valley too low, no river too wide to keep us from being there to support each other,” Chris' brother, PJ described. He added that it's a blessing and honor to call Chris his 'little baby brother.'

“We are so proud of him and we just thank God for what he’s doing in his life,” Michael Blue explained.

Chris' sister Takisha gets the award for the sibling who traveled the farthest, she flew more than 11 hours from London but said it's well worth it.

And his sister Ashley Blue predicts the experience is going to be greater than a University of Tennessee football game.

"That’s the beautiful thing about this," Chris told WBIR," Is you have people that love you and care about you."