A packed house filled Cokesbury Church to watch Chris Blue take on live round 3 of the voice.

"He's freaking killing it, doing so good,” said Josh Cottrell.

The stakes are getting higher for Chris Blue, but his friends have no doubt, he can handle the pressure.

"There is something really special happening out there, he is just bringing it every single time,” said worship leader Paul Jones.

Some of Blue’s biggest supporters know what it's like to share the stage with the skilled singer.

"It’s surreal to see someone you know doing incredible things with the talent they've been given,” said Josh Cottrell.

For the last several years, Blue has used his talents as a worship leader at Cokesbury Church.

"A lot of times we are looking for a special song that helps us with the message of the day and Chris knows how to take that song and make it his own,” said Jones.

While he's been missed on Sunday mornings, the worship team is eagerly supporting his journey.

“Same Chris, same Chris on the Cokesbury stage as on the voice stage, he draws people to him when he sings and his energy just draws people to him,” said Dee Dee Moore.

He’s got a contagious energy that sparks life in the rest of his team.

“He brings out the best in you as a performer, to just watch him worship, you can't help but want to worship as well,” said Kirk Wynn.

"He's one of the guys who leaves it all on the stage, he pushes everybody else to do the same thing,” said Josh Cottrell.

They're watching and praying as Chris takes on the competition ahead.

"If he just sticks to being himself, just Chris Blue, he's naturally a great performer and person and that's what people will cling to, you can see how genuine he is,” said Kirk Wynn.