Not many 17-year-olds can walk into a comic book store and find their own comic on the shelf. Kate Davis isn't your average teen.

"I've been drawing ever since I can remember. And I guess I've had influences from my dad who is very much into comics so he sort of got me into it as well as cartoons," Kate Davis said.

She creates comics and enters comic book contests.

That's why her drawings are featured in the latest issue of The Women of Darby Pop anthology. She was one of the winners in the publishing company's Breaking Into Comics contest.

"I was actually paired with a writer so I just did the art for it. I was given a comic script so he actually wrote the directions of what to have in each panel and I draw accordingly," she explained.

Last year she won the Baltimore Comic-Con kids Love Comics contest on the young adult mystery comic category.

"I try to take from different cultures and different art styles," she said. "I like to draw my own characters as much as I can."

She recently shared her drawing tips with these students at Talbott Elementary School, helping them build characters from basic shapes.

"Whenever I was younger I didn't really have too many artists to talk to personally So I thought it would be nice to share my experience with them and maybe help influence their career as well,"she said.

Kate's presentation is part on an ongoing career theme Michelle Evans is doing with kindergartners at Talbott Elementary School.

"We've had the mayor, Miss Tennessee, firemen, policemen and so forth," Evans said.

She said Kate is a good fit for budding artists.

"Who better? A young creative person that could help them think, 'Oh, I can do this too,'" she said.

When she's not coaching kids, Kate focuses on school. She's a senior at Cumberland Gap High School in Harrogate who plans to go to ETSU for college then write novels that include her artwork.

Her advice for creating comics?

"Practice makes perfect."

The comic book that features Kate's artwork is available at comic book stores and online. It even comes in a Kindle version.