Every Tuesday morning a group of women takes a short break from parenting to get together to spar.

They may be mild mannered moms most of the time, but at Eun's Martial Arts Center they are fierce.

Their kids take classes there during the week.

"My son is about to test for his green tips so he is about two belts ahead of me and likes to let me know that. But it's good. It's kind of fun. We practice together. We work on our forms together at home. And it's kind of a fun thing we have in common," Rebecca Cantrell said.

She wears her white belt to warm up. It shows her status as a beginner.

At the high end of the belt hierarchy is Jenni Henderson who is a 2nd degree black belt.

"It's a very empowering class. I know that it used to be when I walked in a dark parking lot at night that I kind of felt fear as a woman and now I still feel caution but I don't feel that fear anymore. It's really great to have the tools of self defense available anywhere you go," she said.

Grand Master Seong Eun started the free class six years ago. He is a former Korean Marine Instructor who opened his business in Farragut in 1988.

"Master Eun is incredible. He is very wise and talented. He has so many years of experience. He's funny, too, and he's so sweet to all the moms. And really feels it's important to empower women with that self defense," Rebecca said.

"He's an excellent teacher," Jenni said. "He reminds me of those favorite teacher that I think everybody has had in high school or college that you reflect back on and think that they make you as excited about their subject as they are. Every day they teach with excitement and every class is new and fun and different."

The class teaches proper Taekwondo with an emphasis on self defense techniques.

"It's really surprised me how much you have to think about. It's not just the power and the technique so much as really thinking through your next move and so forth," Rebecca said.

"I hope it's a natural response that we kick, punch and yell and strike to pressure points," Jenni said.

Bold letters spell out the goal for everyone at Eun's Martial Arts Center: Your goal is to achieve black belt!

"There's a lot of mothers here who are black belt already and have gone through the whole process. That would be an awesome goal to reach black belt," Rebecca said.

She's one belt closer as she earns her yellow belt in Taekwondo.

The curriculum includes not only Tae Kwon Do, but also Karate, Hapkido, Jujitsu and other practical self-defense skills.