He communicates in an unusual way but he says a lot with his smile.

David McBride uses a motorized chair and a specialized communication device. He taps out words on a tablet and the device speaks for him.

He copes with injuries he suffered 50 years ago when he was just a kid.

"A drunk driver hit me while I was on my paper route," David said.

He has a written testimony that describes that wreck and what has happened since. He calls it, "God has given me a second chance." (The full text is below)

Sandy Wells said it's easy to see that David is a Christian.

"His attendance at church and his respect for others and his love. He walks the walk, talks the talk, he is everything a Christian wants to be an example of," she said.

Sandy Wells and David McBride both live in apartments at Broadway Towers retirement home in North Knoxville.

"She is nice and she feeds me good food," David said. It's a joke, something he does a lot.

They met playing dominoes here and hit it off. They connected over his good humor and great attitude.

"I didn't see bitter ever and he only gets better," Sandy said.

Sandy is a close friend but there's another woman in David's life.

"He has a long term girlfriend, Gail, and Gail is patient. They've been together 30+ years," Sandy explained.

David said, "She is nice and she is a believe in Jesus I met her at bowling I keep on asking her to my church and that is where we fell in love."

David and Gail share a common faith and are about the same age.

"She was born on Halloween," he said.

They have similar jobs.

"She is a greeter at Dollywood," Sandy said.

David demonstrated his standard line at work: "Welcome to Walmart."

When he's not at work at Walmart, David stays busy with church, lunch outings, joking around and crafts.

He doesn't need a voice to speak volumes and his attitude speaks loudest of all.

"No matter what stumbles are put in our path we can go on and we can thrive and David proves it every day. He's working, he's very productive, he's social with his friends. He's just all that," Sandy said.

DAVID MCBRIDE'S TESTIMONY: God has given me a second chance

When I was 10 years old, me and my brother Butch - who was killed in a boating accident - would fight all the time. But if anyone else picked on me, he would take up for me.


He had a paper route and I took it over. One day while collecting money, I was hit by a car.

While I was in the hospital, my mom stayed with me almost all the time.


The doctor said that I would never be able to walk again. But I showed them. Well, I guess the Lord showed them!

While I was still in the hospital, my dad died and my sister got custody of me.

I then went to Amos Cottage for two years. There were missionaries there, but it was at Mt. Olive Baptist Church that I found Jesus and it was there that I became a B.B. - Baptized Believer - on June 11, 1977.

I thank the Lord my Blessed Saveiour for letting me go back to school and get my diploma. He could have let me become a vegetable.

My mom died in the year 1985. I have an apartment at Broadway Towers. I used to work at St. Mary's Hospital, but now I work at Wal-Mart.

And I have A girl friend name Gail and we have been going together for over 40 years

I don't know why God let me get hit by that car, but do you know what? I don't care! Because if I had never gotten hurt, I might not be saved and going to that heavenly home on high.

I don't know why people don't come to the Lord, because they never know when they could die. It could be today.

I have the greatest insurance of all - that is eternal life that is in GOD!!