Knoxville Fountain City Rocks is a communal art project dedicated to spreading joy in the community.

This group is based on a "kindness project" started some time ago. Simply paint a rock however you want and "hide" it in a public space for others to find. Be sure to write "Keep or hide and write post to FB FtnCityKnoxRocks" on the back. Check the group to see if anyone found your rock, and don't forget to invite your friends to join.

Just hide them in plain sight in public areas. You may hide them inside a business but only if you have their permission. Places you absolutely shouldn't hide your rocks include anywhere that might need to be mowed. Also, National Parks are a definite no no.

Public parks are great if you are leaving rocks for children. You can find a place that is easily seen like a window sill.

Get started with these materials:

• rocks
• paint
• brushes
• markers
• adhesive

If you have further questions, please email