A well-trained llama won't spit at you. The pack animals are not aggressive and the wool fiber they are known for is super soft. They are easy to love.

An art teacher and a retired school principal have turned their love for llamas into a business.

It was lunch time at the Lazy Llama Campground in Greene County so dozens of llamas dashed from their barn to waiting buckets of food.

"We've raised everything that would eat sweet feed. If it will eat sweet feed I'll raise it. We've had everything. We've had goats, sheep, horses, cows. We have emus now and miniature horse and a miniature donkey," Jerry Ayers said.

This farm they call Walnut Ridge has been home for Jerry and Carolyn Ayers for 30 years. It has been home to llamas for about 20.

"Llamas are special. First of all they have no odor and they are very quiet. They are companion livestock they are not pets," Jerry said.

They may not be pets but they are a passion.

Over the years, the Ayers have hosted Spooky Llama Trails and Tales and offered Art at the Llama Farm day camp.

Jerry's wife Carolyn is a fiber artist who spins her own fiber from the llamas. She also teaches Saturday art classes at the farm.

"We want it to be art and nature combined."

A journey to enjoy art and nature can now be more than a day trip. The Ayers transformed a trailer park next to their farm into this RV campground.

"The campground was a perfect blend of everything so we can still do all those things and now we have people who can stay the weekend or stay a week or even stay a month if they want to," he said. "We have people coming from Michigan, from Florida, from Ohio, from New York... already. And we just opened up Labor Day weekend."

Visitors can look at the llamas and pet them and even take them for a walk. A mile long trail is under construction.

Jerry said, "We go hiking with the llamas and they are a lot of fun. As you can see these llamas right here have packs on and they will carry a picnic lunch or water."

And they will look adorable.

New babies are due next month so that will be a fun time to visit the Lazy Llama Campground.