Many elementary school students are enjoying time off from school this week for fall break. One particular student is probably reading and perhaps even contemplating the plot for his next book.

His first book starts out like this: "Once upon a time there was a cat named Clara. She was very nice."

Then the book, called "The Tale of Clara the Cat," takes a turn.

"There is a cat. She was possessed by an evil, psycho dog. She turned bad. But then there's this crazy wizard dude whose name is George," Dolan Cruze said.

The wizard gets his name from George Harrison of The Beatles.

"The book is kind of like Dr. Who. It is kind of like that because they have a time machine," Dolan explained.

The extremely creative author and illustrator is 8-years-old and a third grade student at Beaumont Magnet Academy.

He has a houseful of cats.

"I have Clara, the meanest cat. Gilo, the youngest cat. Weasley, the skinniest cat. Then there's Professor. He's very, very fluffy. And then there's Mr. Tibbles," he said.

A fictional version of Clara is his title character.

"She looks basically human except she has ears poking out of her head," he said.

Her adventures even include a song from the mid-70s.

"'We are the champions, no time for losers because we are the champions," sang Dolan.

He gives proper credit to Freddy Mercury in the acknowledgments section of the book.

"I had already read the book and I enjoyed it," Beaumont Magnet Academy Principal Windy Clayton said. "It is extremely creative. But hearing him read it put it on a whole 'nother level. That just made my whole week."

She ordered three copies from Amazon and asked him to autograph them for her.

It was his first book signing.

"My grandmother, she inspired me. She wrote a book too and so she inspired me to write one too," he said.

While his grandmother typed it and formatted the book, the story is all Dolan's.

"It was fun trying to imagine what would happen next," he said.

What will happen next is a sequel. Dolan said "The Tale of Clara the Cat" is the first in a series.

"They're going to go on an adventure through dimensions," he said.

"I'm looking forward to the second book in the series and there is no doubt in my mind that it's coming," Principal Clayton said.

Next week, Dolan will celebrate his 9th birthday.