Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate educates people pursuing college degrees. But they're not the only students there.

"We also have programs for zero to age 99," Natalie Sweet said.

A once-a-month program for preschoolers is called Tad's Tots.

"Tad's Tots takes its name from Abraham Lincoln's youngest son Thomas Lincoln who as also nicknamed Tad," she said.

Natalie Sweet is the Program Coordinator for the Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum. The theme for Tuesday's program was transportation.

"Abraham Lincoln didn't have a car. There was no such things as cars when Abraham Lincoln was alive," she read from the book Lincoln Remembers.

"It's very important to let the little ones experience history to see that it's not boring. There's stories. It's the perfect setting for little ones," she said.

The idea is museums are fun so part of Tad's Tots is dressing up and playing in a tent.

"They can play in our tent, learn about how Abraham Lincoln would have lived as a young boy, and dress up so we do want them to interact with the past," she said.

Maria Paganelli said, "It is more enjoyable. They can really experience new things"

She brought her youngest daughter to Tad's Tots last month. Sophia Moraes was excited to come back.

"Spend time with other kids and learn about Lincoln's life and the culture she is growing up in this area and I think it will be good for her," Maria said.

Tad's Tots is a new program but Natalie expects it to continue once a month at the museum on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University.

"We had a lot of fun with the little ones. One little boy started to call me Mrs. Lincoln so that's a pretty high compliment I feel," she said with a smile.

The program is free but space is limited. Register online here or email