He is a teenager whose music career is about to take off.

The sound he goes for? Classic KISS.

"It's simple but it's effective, it's powerful, and it's just rock and roll," said Jacob Fine of his music choice.

Rock and roll blasts out of his studio at his house in Seymour.

"I listen to a song many times. I just listen to each instrument and I just try to pick everything out and once I get the feel for the song, I have to really get into a song for it, I then decide to record," he explained. "I play bass and drums along with the guitar."

A lot of instruments played by just one guy. The 14-year-old is the One Man Rock Band.

He plays one song on each instrument, records it, then assembles it all on a computer. Then Jacob plays the guitar part live accompanied by his own recorded back tracks.

"Some of the challenges would be you can't really jam that back. You've still got to stick to the book," he said. "There's really not a lot of negatives included in it because you know that background music is not going to be messed up because it's been played over multiple times and checked."

When he performs for an audience at a coffee shop or fair or talent show, Jacob has some moves.

"Just pointing to the crowd I drop to my knees sometimes," he said.

He's taking his music to the next level at SoKnox Studios. The professionals there have embraced his talent, his potential and his drive.

"Now he's actually to a point where he's playing and if he hears something and he's not feeling it he'll stop me, he'll stop me, and let's do this one more time. That's something that I like because that means he's understanding what he is trying to give," Frank Sheadrick said.

He is a musician and producer at SoKnox Studios who is mentoring Jacob.

"He's very excited excited about things. He loves what he is doing. That's what I love about it. And the professional equipment. It's like heaven," Jacob said. "This is nothing compared to Frank's place."

Frank says Jacob's writing is developing quickly. He started with cover songs, but now Frank is helping him put together an EP of original songs.

"It's not one or two chords anymore. He's really doing a lot of picking around and stuff and throwing a lot of different swings into it. That's the growth that I really wanted to get from him and it's happening," Frank said.

Happening soon? Forming a band with other young musicians.

"Like I told him, the sky is the limit just don't limit yourself. If you think that you can do it, just go for it, just reach and get it," Frank said.

"If I can just do music for the rest of my life and just do it for fun or whatever happens turns out that will be fine with me," Jacob said.

Fine with Jacob Fine, the One Man Rock Band.

He has upcoming performances at The Historic Grove Theater in Oak Ridge on Saturday, Nov. 12, at 7:30 p.m.

Jacob will also play at the Foothills Craft Guild Fine Craft Show at the Jacob Building in Knoxville on Nov. 19 at 3 p.m.

Soon after that performance, he will celebrate his 15th birthday on Nov. 29.