Something that is uniquely Knoxville is WDVX. It's on Gay Street less than a mile from the river. It offers a free concert almost every day.

The local radio station with a world-wide reach started broadcasting 20 years ago from a camper.

The camper days are long gone and the CD library collection now occupies a long wall in the WDVX studio at the Knoxville Visitors Center downtown.

There's the library then there's the live music.

Two different artist play live music for free six days a week at noon. It's the WDVX Blue Plate Special. The schedule is posted online. The music is live in person and on the radio.

"We bring in acts from all around the world and all across the country," Red Hickey said.

Red Hickey hosts the truly unique Knoxville show.

"A lot of visitors are surprised when they walk in and they are like what is happening here? We don't see this often in visitor centers. But the surprise is also on the side of the performers. They are like what is going on here? This is a visitors center. Are people really going to come ant they are quite surprised when the audience shows up for the performance," she said.

The Knoxville Visitors Center may seem like an unlikely fit for concerts and a community radio station but it's actually perfect.

"They are so laid back and they let us have our own personality. They let us have our crazy posters and decorate like we want here at the radio station and they have been very welcoming and accepting of us crazy bohemian radio people," she said.

There is nothing like a little break to make a relationship even stronger.

"The Knoxville Visitors Center closed to remodel for a couple of months here. During that time we came to realize that we are really a goof fit with each other. They need us and we need them. It's a perfect combination for us to be here," she said.

They have complementary missions of showcasing Knoxville and sharing music from Americana to bluegrass to rockabilly and more.

"Carry on a long tradition of live radio in downtown Knoxville, specifically Gay Street."

You can find WDVX on your radio at 89.9 and streaming live on the web at