A mother and her daughter are leaning on their relationship for accountability in their journey toward better health.

"I want to be healthy and be here for my kids. I was tired of feeling sick and tired all the time and I just wanted a lifestyle change," Trish Warwick said.

She's doing it for her kids with her mom.

"I need a buddy and she's my bestie so we have a really good time just bouncing off each other and being accountable to each other," she said.

Trish Warwick says it wasn't hard to convince her mother, Wanda Parker, to join her on a journey to better health.

"I just really wanted to make some changes. It was time. And for the first time ever I wanted to start something and finish it," Wanda Parker said.

They decided they needed some professional guidance so they turned to a program that is run by a hospital.

"We've got a wonderful group of coaches that all have different backgrounds in nutrition, psychology, community health. It's nice to have that much information and knowledge to give our members. They can come each week and meet with their coach," Amy Stephens said. She is the Profile by Sanford store manager on Lovell Road.

Wanda said, "I think I came in one day like, oh my God I didn't lose but a pound. And they know exactly what to do to build you back up and send you back out the door prepared to overcome whatever downfalls you might have."

In addition to coaching, Amy Stephens says Profile by Sanford provides three phases of weight management. It starts with meal replacements then moves to grocery store food and then transitions to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

"You are at your goal week. We are doing a lot more education on label reading, what macronutrients you need, and at that point we want to give you all the tools you need to be able to do this program on your own," she said.

They aren't on their own. Mother and daughter walk together, workout together, and cook together.

"I've been a cook for a long time. I enjoy recipes so I have really enjoyed converting all of my old recipes into new healthy one for my family," Trish said.

Before they would eat pasta stuffed with meat, heavy cheese, and added sugar. Now, it's green peppers stuffed with lean meat, low carb sauce, healthy cheese, no sugar, and no gluten.

"It gives you an excuse to talk about food all the time and have fun together in the kitchen," Wanda said.

They are going through the program together. They even meet with the same coach at the same time and they are accountable to each other.

"We have had a blast. I almost don't want it to end and I guess it won't because we'll be on maintenance forever," she said.

Trish said, "That's where Profile helps you because they help you maintain. It's maintenance. That's what I love so much about the program. And Amy our coach is so great at helping us maintain. She's going to help us maintain later in the journey."

It is a journey they are taking together.

"I am 35 pounds down and I will be more if you ever see me again I will be down more. I am going to do it," Trish said. "My blood pressure is normal for the first time in 10 years. And I want to be here with my kids. I want to be able to play and have fun and so that's really important to me."

Wanda said, "I love her and I want her around at least until my eyes close at the very end. And I want her to be healthy."

Together they have lost 50 pounds since starting the program in late January.