For the first time, Blackberry Farm Brewery will offer beer in cans.

Beer drinkers throughout Tennessee will be able to get canned beers from the brewery starting in July.

Roy Milner, chief fermentation officer for the Blackberry Farm Brewery, said Thursday the move was made possible by establishing a relationship with Brew Hub, the company that will package the canned beers.

"Cans provide more opportunities to enjoy our products outdoors and for more casual drinking occasions," Milner said of the decision.

Milner said Blackberry Farm's current distribution partners - Ajax Turner, Cherokee and Carter - will distribute the canned beer in Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. The brewery plans to evaluate whether it can distribute in other markets after evaluating the initial launch.

The distribution will launch in Nashville on July 10, Knoxville on July 12, and Chattanooga on Aug. 7.

Milner did not comment on whether the move would be a big moneymaker for the brewery.

"Quality and alignment with our brand drive our decisions," he said.

Blackberry Farm will launch three new beers for the can release - Coyote Tactics (IPA), TN Times (Pilsner) and Screaming Cock (Pale Ale).

The brewery began brewing in May 2011.