The new Super Shine Express is getting ready for its grand opening and at this car wash, it's not just the cars that will be getting a fresh look.

Knoxville Graphic House was contracted to paint a mural on the building's exterior.

Emily Martin and Darbi Henley have worked for Knoxville Graphic House since leaving college and feel fortunate to have a job that allows them to not only design, but paint.

"When you're in school you have all of these grand ideas of what it is you're going to do then once you're out you realize that you still have to pay the bills and art becomes like a hobby. It's something that you do when you have the time for it and we're very blessed that we get to come out here everyday and finally we get to do art and pay the bills at the same time."

The Super Shine Express' opening date is set for August 1st. It is located at Ebenezer Road and Kingston Pike. You can find out more about Knoxville Graphic House on their Facebook page.