• 1 tbsp melted butter

• 3 each corn tortillas

• 2.5 weighted oz potato hash

• 4 fluid oz eggs

• 1 tsp Sriracha lime crema

• 1 tbsp pico de gallo

• 3 slices of avocado

• 1 weighted oz diced chorizo

• 2 weighted oz chopped bacon


• Cook potato hash in skillet until soft

• In a separate skillet, add 1 tbsp melted butter and add eggs. Season with salt and pepper and cook until scrambled.

*Note: If using chorizo, cook for about 30 seconds until slightly crispy before adding to the egg mixture. For bacon, wait until eggs are cooked about halfway and add bacon to the egg mixture at that time.

• Place the potato hash on corn tortilla

• Place scrambled eggs (and additional proteins if desired) on top of the potato hash

• Zigzag Sriracha lime crema over eggs

• Top with 1 tsp of pico de gallo and 1 avocado slice per taco