As children across Knoxville finish up their last few days of school, the Knox County Public Library is hoping to encourage students to keep reading through the summer.

The public libraries offer different story time and events for younger kids, and there is also the Summer Library Club for kids of all ages.

"The research actually shows that when children can choose their own books, or readers of any age can choose their own books, they actually do better at reading," said Mary Pom Claiborne. "They take it on as something they are doing for fun and not a chore."

You can find a list of different library events on the Knox County Public Library website.

Another free way to encourage reading for younger kids is Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. One book a month is delivered to your door from birth through age five.

"This is really an expert committee that knows what children need when they need it," said Claibrone. "They tend to be the books that the children love the most."

You can find more information about the Imagination Library here.