We all want to spend more quality time with our kids, and it’s common for families to make resolutions this time of year to do just that.

Local mom Virginia Babb says her family goals are all about health.

“We need to be more active, and we need to eat better. And it really is up to me because I do the cooking in the family, and I really want to try to cook healthier this year," she said. 

Some experts suggest you sit down as a family and come up with resolutions together. That’s what Nazmia Malik did with her family. They looked at what goals they met last year and where they need to improve.

“Mind, body and soul. So we are at least going to have some short term goals," she said. 

Parenting.com has some other ideas like starting a weekly ritual It could be a movie night or a game night. You could volunteer together, make goals to exercise together.

A more serious resolution is to nail down your emergency plan. How will your family and pets stay safe during a fire or a disaster? Find a time to sit down with the family and make sure everyone knows the plan.

You can find more ideas here.