Growing up, eating dinner with my family was mandatory. If someone had a late practice, mom and dad would still sit at the table with us while we ate. 

On the rare occasion we were able to convince them to let us watch some sports during a meal, my mom would set up a cardboard table in the family room so we would still all eat together.

As I get older, I'm so grateful for those times.

We continue that tradition in our family every evening. We also have what we call yea's and nay's. We go around and say something good that happened to us (yea). Then, we talk about something not so good (nay).  It's a great way to get everybody involved and stay engaged.

My wife and I also get some good laughs out of it because you never know what kids will say. You'll find that out in this Parenting 101 segment where I sit down with five children to get their opinions on parenting.