Chicken thighs

2 tablespoons sriracha

2 tablespoons honey

Juice of 1 lime

Salt and pepper 

Sliced green onions, candied jalapenos to garnish 

Pat chicken dry with salt and pepper. Grill or pan fry the chicken on medium heat until the thighs are cooked through, 20-30 minutes each, flipping as needed. 

While the chicken is cooking, mix together lime juice, honey and sriracha.

If grilling, brush both sides of the chicken with the honey mixture and grill, flipping occasionally, until gold and sticky. If cooking on the stove top, add the mix to the pan and turn up the heat to medium-high. Reduce to a glossy sauce, spooning over chicken. 

Garnish with sliced green onions or candied jalapenos. 

Presented by Kim Wilcox, It's All So Yummy Cafe