(WBIR) One picture making its way across the internet had a lot of people feeling the love as the photographer asked for help to find the mystery couple.

It turns out the two people seen in the picture are Knoxville's Lindsey Crouch and Tae Cho. The two got engaged on May 30th in Seaside, FL.

Crouch's family was in Florida for a family vacation. She said her boyfriend of six months surprised her the last day of the family vacation by showing up at a restaurant and then taking her for a walk along the beach. It ended with Cho getting down on one knee and asking her the big question. Crouch said yes!

Crouch's family knew what was going on and were hiding far away on the beach taking pictures and so was an unknown photographer at the time.

The pictures taken by Crouch's family were too far away to see anything. Crouch said she was a little disappointed, but still glad she had snapshots of the special moment in her life.

A couple of weeks later, Crouch said her fiance' told her to check her Facebook page. She found pictures showing the moment Cho asked her to be his wife.

The pictures where taken by Birmingham, Alabama, photographer Heather Swanner. Swanner posted the pictures on her Facebook page in an effort to identify the newly-engaged couple. Since then, the pictures have been shared all over the internet.

Crouch said, "I think people love a good love story and they also love good news in a world where there is a lot of bad news. So I think people are enjoying it and they think it's fun and we love it and it's fun for us too."

Swanner said in a statement, "I'm thrilled to be able to give them this gift. When I saw the pictures, I knew they had to have them. I would give anything to have pictures of my husband proposing to me. I knew that when I posted them on Facebook that I would find them, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that so many people would take so much interest in this story!"

Lindsey Crouch and Tae Cho are planning to tie the knot on September 27, 2014.