At the start of a work week, the Monday blues can creep up on anyone.

We met Gloria at the Four Seasons Vintage shop in West Knoxville. She thinks the first step to getting motivated on a Monday is changing your attitude.

Here are Gloria's five tips for getting motivated on a Monday.

1: Choose to be happy

"You can choose," Gloria said. "Everything is a choice…and it's a lot more fun to be a happy camper. Although, I'm not that fond of camping."

2: Plan to start your day on the right foot

"Just go to bed with the thought that I'm going to have a great day. And you will wake up and have a better day," she said.

3: Don't let one bad event ruin your day

"If you fall off the horse you get back on don't you. And I did fall off a horse one time that's realistic okay," Gloria said.

4: Have a motto

"I love mottos. Well, such as everything always works out for me. And everything always works out for you. Even though at the time it might not be so much fun, but everything always works out for you," she said.

5: Tell yourself how you'd like to feel

"I say I like being happy. You can do that in relationships, health, finances," Gloria said. "I'm still working on that finance thing, I haven't quite gotten where I want to go that but there's time. And we all know money doesn't buy happiness."