One of the biggest music festivals in the country is just days away and this year, East Tennessee will have some representation on stage. The Black Cadillacs are preparing to perform at Bonnaroo.

Most of the members of the Black Cadillacs live together in a Knoxville home and they also practice there. If gives them the feeling of being a family. Now this family is set to play in the national spotlight.

It's been a long and winding road. The Black Cadillacs formed in 2009 in Knoxville.

"Philip and I we both grew up in Memphis and so we started playing music as the Black Cadillacs in high school. We would just kind of mess around and Will is my first cousin and he would come and sing with us and do whatever. When Philip and I came to UT for school, we decided to get the band going," said guitarist Matthew Hyrka.

They started out playing house parties. Now, they are days away from their biggest show yet.

"It's sort of surreal right now. When we get there. Well we have played a couple festivals this year and we are getting in the groove, but Bonnaroo is like the big one," said drummer Adam Bonomo.

This show, they plan to extend their sound, playing a lot of new songs. Giving their East Tennessee vibe to Bonnaroo.

"You don't want to play a new song that might just crash and burn, but there is kind of a thrill for playing a new song at a show for people and you don't know how it will be received or if people are going to carry it out correctly," said bassist Philip Anderson.

This is not their first festival. Before each show they have a ritual.

"We just try to relax until like a minute or two before showtime. Then a few of us will do pushups or run laps or slap each other in the face a bunch," said lead singer Will Horton.

After the ritual comes the show and the guys welcome the big crowds.

"When there is a huge crowd we feed off of that and it's an energy you get from a group like that you don't get from a show in St Louis on a Tuesday night or whatever," said guitarist John Phillips.

They still have the week to prepare and are playing a festival in Chattanooga later this week.

Playing on new grounds and taking "The Black Cadillacs" further down that long road.

They're set to perform Saturday at 9:30 pm on the Cafe Stage and at 4pm Sunday at the Sonic Stage. The band just released their new single, "Radio Silence."

Another Knoxville band, The Black Lillies, will also perform at Bonnaroo.