For anyone who's ever thought it's too late to follow a dream, an 89-year-old woman could change your mind. She may be turning 90 in October, but after years of retirement, Cassie Hobby of Kingston has returned to beauty school.

Hobby spent 50 of her 89 years as a cosmetologist, but she never got her nail tech license.

At Sweetwater Institute of Cosmetology, Hobby now spends every Wednesday and Thursday touching up on her nail knowledge.

"My daughter was going and I wanted to go," Hobby said. "I needed something more to do."

Hobby's daughter, Fay Jago, works as an assisted living nurse. At 52-years-old, she also has a new dream. On top of the work she does now, she plans to open a nail salon and spa in Kingston. Her mother plans to work there.

"We'll have one open by the end of this year," she said. "I'm not as scared to go do it because I've got my mom beside me. Got my partner cause we've been partners for years."

Sweetwater Institute of Cosmetology is a dream itself for its owner, Misty Pina. September will mark one year since the school opened.

"She inspires me too and she's always here when she's supposed to be and always on time and ready to learn something new," Pina said.

Hobby added, "I don't think it's ever too late. If there's something you want to do, or thought about, I think people should do it. No matter what their age."

Hobby and her daughter hope to complete beauty school by the end of the year. The nail salon and spa will also open around that time.