Dolly Parton received minor injuries Monday morning in a car crash, Nashville police said.

Parton was riding in the front passenger seat of a Nissan Xterra that was struck at the intersection of Vaulx Lane and Kirkwood Avenue.

They Xterra was traveling eastbound on Kirkwood Avenue when a Mitsubishi Diamante driven by Diane Lish, 64, of Old Hickory, pulled into the intersection from Vaulx Lane. The two vehicles collided at 11:41 a.m.

Police said their investigation showed that Lish failed to yield.

Parton and Xterra driver Judy Ogle, 68, of Nashville, were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment. Lish was taken to Centennial Medical Center. None of the injuries appeared to be serious, police said.

... Just a little tired and sore. Resting at home now!"

Within minutes, fans of the superstar responded with words of support.