ID=12481733Dolly the dog won't be going home with Dolly Parton after all.

The country music superstar told the Today Show on Thursday that the owners had reclaimed the fluffy white pooch that was found abandoned after a festival show in England.

The dog was taken in by a local animal shelter, where she was named Dolly in honor of the singer, who was one of the biggest hits to perform at the show.

ID=11720319Dolly had said she would adopt the dog, and even joked that she was going to rename her "Grassie," chuckling that it sounded like "Lassie," as in "Lassie come home!"

But, the original owners finally came forward to claim the dog. Dolly indicated there was a language barrier that prevented them from claiming her sooner.

She also said the 15-year-old dog's health and age may have also prevented an overseas adoption.

All's well that ends well, said Parton. "(The owners are) happy she's back where she belongs," she said. "The Happy Landings Shelter has a happy ending now."

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Dolly the dog may soon find a home with her famous namesake.

According to British media reports, the fluffy white dog was left behind after a huge concert called the Glastonbury festival last month. After the 150,000 music lovers left the grounds in the southwest of England, Dolly was found in an abandoned tent. She was taken to the Happy Landings animal shelter to be taken care of.

Parton has pledged to adopt the dog, which staff at the shelter named in her honor because she was one of the biggest names performing at the festival.

"I will take the dog ho

me to America if nobody claims her," the singer said in a statement.

The shelter says in a statement that Dolly — the dog that is — is a "sweet-natured older lady" and that it is trying to determine her owner.