Knoxville businessman Jim Clayton grew up in Western Tennessee and is related to legendary lawman Buford Pusser.

Pusser, who died in August of 1974 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident, worked to single-handedly run crime out of McNairy County where her served as sheriff.

For his efforts to end crime in the county, Pusser was the target of many assassination attempts including one attempt in which his wife was murdered.

Pusser's larger than life persona inspired books, songs and the 1973 movie Walking Tall. Just hours before his death, he had signed a deal to play himself in the Walking Tall sequel. A museum in his former home remains in McNairy County.

Clayton's family and Pusser family were related through marriage (Clayton's aunt and uncle married Buford Pusser's uncle and aunt in a double wedding on the same day!) Clayton remembers Pusser as a quiet, gentle man who was very kind. He shared clips from his 1970's television show, The Jim Clayton Startime show.

Video clips provided by Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound