ID=11327177What kid hasn't dreamed of living the life of a police officer? This week that dream became a reality for a group of youngsters at the Sevierville Police Department, according to officer Bob Stahlke.

"Our camp is one week long. We have about 20 young men and women here and our goal is to expose them to police work and teach them as much as we can about what it's like to be a police officer or detective," he said.

Participants get to experience everything from felony stops to finger printing.

Officer Bob thinks it is a great benefit to these youth.

"To have men and women this age, to be involved with us, they get exposed to what we do. They have a better understanding of what it's about and we also have some who are interested in law enforcement as a career even at that young age so this gives them a chance to see what it's like."

The camp concludes with graduation on Friday.