ID=2990089(WBIR-Knoxville) In a galaxy far, far away...a connection formed that's out of this world. The force connecting these two energy fields is love.

"The [engagement] ring is big as the Death Star but I didn't know it would cost as much as the Death Star," Russell Ellis jokingly told WBIR's Liveat5at4.

Russell Ellis and Paloma Mota, of Knoxville, met one year ago and are on a new mission.

"I didn't want anything traditional," Paloma Mota said.

"She said, 'We should have a Star Wars wedding'. 'But I want a small Star Wars wedding'. There's no such thing. This is going to be fun," said Ellis.

The couple love Star Wars and Ellis is a member of the 501st Legion. This Saturday, the romance story will transform into the Voyage of the Vows. Ellis and Mota have planned a wedding at a Gatlinburg Lodge. More than 30 Star Wars characters will have a role in the ceremony.

"An actual R2-D2 robot is the ring bearer," Ellis explained.

"We had such a big response. Everybody is like...'yeah, we'll help you'. Unfortunately, no one is sending a RSVP because they want to keep the invitations because it's all Star Wars themed," Mota said.

The vows are included in a 7 page script that will be read during Saturday's wedding.