A local woman says she tries to do something different ever year to add a little spice to life.

Five years ago, Charlene "Chuckie" Kirby decided she would swim across the Tennessee River from her home on Ft.Loudoun Lake. She has been doing it every year since.

On Tuesday, she did it again to celebrate her 80th birthday.

"I feel that I'm so lucky and blessed to be living here in Tennessee. To have this wonderful place, this wonderful river. To have this opportunity to be well enough to do it," said Kirby.

With an escort from some neighbors in a boat, she slipped into the lake and started her swim, which she estimates is about a half a mile across to the other bank.

Once she made it across, she took a quick breather in the shallows before heading back to the other side. It took about 45 minutes to complete her annual ritual.

She thinks she's probably the oldest person to ever swim across the Tennessee River.