A 2-year-old boy who lost his right foot and left leg earlier this year is learning to walk using prosthetics and a walker after doctors told his mother it would never happen.

Kayden Kinckle was born with a defect in his abdominal wall called an omphalocele, which is a type of hernia and causes some organs to remain outside of the body. His umbilical cord was also wrapped around his feet, which his mom says were pinned under her pelvic bone.

During gestation, doctors told his mom Nikki he likely wouldn't survive surgery to repair the omphalocele, but when he was born the problem was as severe as originally suspected, but a band wrapped around his legs caused them to be deformed, which led to amputation.

Nikki uploaded a video to YouTube on Friday, showing Kayden's first steps, which she says in the video's description is "really more then [sic] 1st steps...we celebrate his life as well."

Nikki has created a GoFundMe page to help with Kayden's future medical expenses. They hope to raise $50,000.