Everyone needs a bicycle-- that's the philosophy of the folks at Kickstand Bike Collective in Knoxville. The group of volunteers rebuild old bikes to give away.

Wednesday, 11 kids from the Boys and Girls Club rushed to claim bikes that were donated to Kickstand.

"They usually come in with some repairs needed. Our volunteers, we've got a little shop here. Our volunteers will fix those up, get them road worthy, make sure they're safe, everything works," said Paul Laudeman.

The group meets several times a week in a shop behind the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Broadway.

ID=12423927"Our mission is to get bikes to people who ordinarily wouldn't be able to get them," explained Laudeman.

"We serve the homeless community in this area, North Broadway, and it really helps them get out of this neighborhood, helps them get jobs. We've a couple of people that their jobs would have been impossible if they didn't have a bike," added Brad Hedge, a volunteer with Kickstand.

The kids Wednesday got more than just a bike.

"With the kids, we give them helmets. One of our wonderful partners is the Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee. They provide us with free helmets," explained Laudeman. "We fit the helmet to the kid. We fit the bike to the kid and send them off happy."

Kickstand is always looking for more volunteers to work in the shop. If you'd like to help, visit their website at www.knoxbikecollective.com or email kickstandknoxville@gmail.com.