A new list of the nation's well-run cities ranks Knoxville toward the bottom.

WalletHub published its 2016 "Best-Run Cities in America" list.

Knoxville got an overall ranking of 132, among 150 of the nation's largest metros.

Experts say, take this with a grain of salt. If you and your family are happy living here in Knoxville, then a number on an Internet list isn't likely to change your mind.

However, some people do look at these kinds of lists when deciding where to move, so WBIR 10News broke down what WalletHub is saying about the Scruffy City.

WalletHub looked at six main categories when deciding how well-run are the nation's 150 largest cities.

While Knoxville ranked 132nd overall, it ranked 60th in financial stability, 19th in education, 109th in health, 139th in safety, 138th in economy and 82nd in infrastructure and pollution.

"There's a lot of subjective things that we say are good or bad about cities but, you know, if everybody's happy with it, it's probably a good thing," said Luke Fowler. "Citizen satisfaction: are people there generally happy with what's going on? And if they are, it's probably a well-run city."

Fowler is assistant professor of public policy & administration at Boise State University in Idaho and one of the experts WalletHub asked to weigh in on this list.

"First, you have to look somewhere in the city finances," Fowler said. "Look at debt, credit rating. Is the city living within its means? I think that's probably one of the most important things: that it's financially stable."

Jesse Mayshark, a spokesperson for the city of Knoxville, said it's hard to respond to a random ranking and city officials don't pay much attention to these types of Internet lists, whether Knoxville ranks high or low.

"Most of the things they’re measuring don’t have anything to do with how 'well run' a city is," Mayshark said, "and it’s not clear whether they are differentiating between cities and larger Metropolitan Statistical Areas."

For its part, Mayshark said the city currently has its highest-ever bond rating.

"We have added significant new City services over the past 15 years...without growing the size of the City workforce," Mayshark said, citing the city's 311 information line, curbside recycling pickup, new parks and playgrounds.

"Our Police Department’s crime clearance rate last year was 48 percent, well over the state average of 38 percent," Mayshark said. "We have expanded our public transit service along major routes, serving more people than ever before; and two successive administrations have overseen a major revitalization of a previously moribund downtown."

He added the city would be happy to host the folks from WalletHub for a visit any time.

Topping the list of well-run cities is Boise, Idaho. Ranking 150th - dead last - is Washington D.C.