After a period of struggles, the city of Morristown is seeing a lot of growth. Businesses and companies are popping up, bringing jobs to the area.

"Commercial and retail growth has been very strong. We have seen significant industrial growth and that's kind of rare for the area," said president of the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce, Marshall Ramsey.

The area has seen a guitar shop, to a couple new Food City locations, and a new Walmart on the way.

"There is a new Walmart on the west side of town, and to be the smallest county, land mass wise in the state, to have two Walmarts I think is pretty good for us," said Ramsey.

Shannon Greene owns ABG Calking and Waterproofing. His company is helping build the new Walmart.

"This is going to be an exciting time, because the last several years have been needless to say a bit of a struggle. With the growth, obviously you will be able to support schools, infrastructure, the needs of the city needs," said Greene.

He and his workers have to ship out all around the country to work on projects, but he said it's nice to be able to work at home.

"It's better to work at home than it is to at any part of the country. We can get the guys to stay closer to their families as well," said Greene.

Ramsey said the city is using public funding to build new infrastructure for the future."It's exciting, I mean there is so much going on. I mean it's really exciting," said Ramsey.

Ramsey said there are about 1,000 jobs still waiting to be filled in the area.

The new Walmart is expected to open this December. Contractors are waiting to finalize contracts for businesses next door. The Highway 66 connector project is expected to open in 2016.