It is "More Money for Me" Week here on WBIR and all week we're telling you ways to make or save money.

Tuesday we’re showing viewers how to save by spending time on their cars.

10News spoke with Advanced Auto General Manager Tony Markham on how to save money.

Here are some tips and tricks:

· Find out what is wrong with the car if the “check engine” light comes on, on the dashboard

· Avoid keeping the car running when it is parked. Idling can cause a loss of gas mileage, especially if the air conditioning is on. When parked, Markham recommend rolling the windows down to save gas and the environment.

· Slow down when driving: Markham said drivers save up to 10 percent of gas by going 55 miles per hour instead of 75 mph. Driving slower also helps preserve brake pads and engine damage instead of slamming on the gas and breaking shortly afterwards.

· Keep tires properly inflated. The tires will last longer, the fuel economy of a car performs better and drivers have better handling with properly inflates tires.

· Keep the car’s filters clean.

· Get the car’s oil changed regularly.