While unemployment across the state improved in every county last month, a new report found the number of teens with summer jobs likely won't grow this year.

A Chicago-based firm named Challenger, Gray and Christmas broke down data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to look at the summer jobs outlook for teens.

They found despite the improving economy, little change to job growth should occur this summer.

"Last year, it was down from over the previous year and we expect either another slight fall or it to be about the same," said Spokesperson James Pedderson.

The firm added a number of factors continue to keep teens from working in the summer.

REPORT: View summer job outlook report

Brick and mortar stores are having to compete with internet businesses like never before. So, they're cutting staff during the summer months to keep costs low.

Also, there's more competition now. Jobs once thought only to be for teens are going to all parts of the population.

"Older workers, recent graduates, maybe some seniors," Pedderson said.

But, he said it's not too late to look for a job if your a teen who has yet to get one.

He advises applicants to network and re-apply to places you haven't heard back from.