A 10-year-old boy was injured by gunfire Sunday night in East Knoxville, according to Knoxville Police.

Officers were called to a parking lot at 2111 Bethel Avenue around 8:50 p.m. to investigate a shooting. A woman told police that her son had picked up a piece of glass and was taking it to a dumpster when two men stepped out of a vehicle and started shooting in the direction of the dumpster.

The men took off in their vehicle when the boy started running. The boy was treated for a minor injury to his thigh, where he may have been hit by a ricochet bullet. He was released from the hospital.

One car was also hit by gunfire.

Knoxville police are still looking for the two men, who witnesses say had their faces partially covered.

If anyone has information, they are asked to call the Knoxville Police Department’s crime information line at 865-215-7212.  Callers can remain anonymous.